KUDOS to our newest NIH Awardees


Philip Chan*

Characterizing the HIV PrEP continuum for African Americans and Hispanic/Latino MSM R01MH114657

Chanelle Howe

The role of resilience in addressing racial disparities in adverse HIV-related outcomes R01MH112386

Caroline Kuo

Our family our future:  A resilience-oriented family intervention to prevent adolescent HIV/STI infection and depression in South Africa R01MH096646

Tyler Wray*

Mobile health platform for providing real-time follow-up after home-based HIV self-testing for high-risk MSM R01MH114891


Angela Bazzi*

Implementing PrEP for HIV prevention among people who inject drugs (K01DA043412)

Angela Bengtson

An implementation science approach to monitoring engagement in HIV care (K99MH112413)

Jennifer Pellowski

Adherence to HIV treatment postpartum: The implications of transitions among women living with HIV in South Africa K01MH112443


Deborah Anderson

Project Three:  Assessing effects of anti-CD52G MABS on STD pathogens in semen (R01HD095630)

Larry Brown 

MYSTYLE:  Online family-based HIV prevention for non-heterosexual black adolescent males in the South R34MH113384

A mobile intervention to improve uptake of PrEP for southern black MSM R34MH111342

Mark Celio

Translational methods for developing and testing a multi-target brief intervention to reduce alcohol use and increase ART adherence among racially diverse PLWH UH2AA026206

Philip Chan*

Evaluating HIV PrEP implementation using an all payers claims database R21MH113431

A brief motivational interviewing-based intervention to improve HIV PrEP uptake among MSM R34DA042648

Omar Galarraga*

PREP SEGURO:  Antiretroviral-based HIV prevention among men at high risk in Mexico R34MH114664

Rahm Gummuluru 

GM3 nanoparticles for sustained delivery of antiretrovirals to lymphactic tissues R01AI13211

Abigail Harrison

Health needs of first generation HIV infected adolescents R21HD089825

Caroline Kuo

Integrated prevention of HIV risk and intimate partner violence among adolescents in South Africa R34MH113484 

Tibor Palfai

Internet-based video-conferencing to address alcohol use and pain among heavy drinkers in HIV care UH2AA026192

Tyrone Porter*

Engineering a 3D human neurovascular unit for investigating and countering neuroinflammatory mechanisms of HIV R21NS105837

Susan Ramsey

Linkage to community-based HIV PrEP care among at risk women upon release from incarceration R34DA045621

Abby Rudolph

Combining social network, spatial, and phylogenetic approaches to identify new HIV infections R21AI131979

Jeffrey Samet

Linking Russian narcology and HIV care to enhance treatment, retention and outcomes Part II R01DA045547

St. Peter HIV-alcohol, protein biomarkers and cardiovascular disease risk R01AA025859

Pilot study of opioid-receptor antagonists to reduce pain and inflammation among HIV-infected persons with alcohol problems UH2AA025193


*Past CFAR Developmental Awardees