Scientific Working Groups and Research Interest Groups

SCIENTIFIC WORKING GROUPS (SWG) - The purpose of a SWG is to bring together investigators currently working on specific areas of research with those not currently involved in this research to share ideas and identify potential sub-studies within their currently funded projects, as well as potential new projects.  Currently, the ProvBos CFAR has one scientific working group on HIV/TB.


RESEARCH INTEREST GROUPS (RIG) - Research faculty interested in developing a multi-disciplinary team to address a high-priority research topic can submit a proposal to CFAR leadership for consideration of an RIG. If successful, the ultimate goal is growth into a formal Scientific Working Group. A RIG must include at least 3 faculty members, and use the services of a least one Core. The RIG can be the equivalent of a rapid response team able to respond to an RFA, RFP or PA when released, and is proactive in fostering cross-campus collaborations. Both senior and early stage investigators are encouraged to participate in the RIG and reach out to new members with similar areas of focus.