Webinar Series Summaries


A team of medical professionals (representing the following organizations: Providence/Boston CFAR, JSMU, JSMUAANA, APPNA and APPNE), collaborated to provide HIV disease information to the medical community in Pakistan in response to the recent HIV outbreak in Sindh, Pakistan. A total of six webinars were conducted weekly from May 19, 2019 to June 23, 2019 on topics ranging from HIV testing and stigma to caring for co-infected patients. Below are summaries for each of the webinars. 

Webinar #1: HIV Disease: Myths and Facts

Webinar #2:  HIV Testing, Stigma and Patient- Provider Communication

Webinar #3: The HIV Care Cascade: An Example from Rhode Island

Webinar #4: Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission and Caring for Infected Infants & Children

Webinar #5: Caring for Co-Infected Patients (HIV-TB, HIV-HEP C, HIV-HEP B)

Webinar #6: Fostering Hope: The Role of Mental Health Care in HIV Treatment from Start to Finish