I2S2 Seminar D2R and EHRs: A success Story from an Academic Healthcare Setting

Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics, Brown Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior Implementation Science Core, Rhode Island Quality Institute, and Advance Clinical and Translational Research (Advance-CTR)

I2S2 Seminar

D2R and EHRs: A success Story from an Academic Healthcare Setting


Featuring Dr. Fizza Gillani, PhD, CPEHR

Picture of Dr. Fizza Gillani, Associate Professor of Medicine (Research), Warren Alpert Medical S...

HIV Care Continuum requires a multidisciplinary approach to achieve clinical outcomes that help control HIV disease progression. To track these outcomes, we need a robust informatics system with a clearly defined Data to Research and Reporting (D2R) approach to make use of different Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The Ryan White-funded Miriam Hospital Immunology Center (MIC) is part of an academic medical system with more than 15,000 employees, 4 hospitals, and a well-established Information System department. To support the MIC HIV program, a robust HIV-specific Immunology Center Database (ICDB) was created in 2003. The ICDB system is an example of how carefully planned data systems built around existing health IT infrastructure provide evidence of best practices, measure performance as feedback for healthcare systems, and advance us closer to realizing the vision of a learning health system. ICDB in its current format is centered on the system-wide electronic health record and technology platforms, supporting reporting and research requirements determined by the federal Ryan White program, different funding mechanisms, and local governments.

This presentation will demonstrate how carefully integrated information systems can achieve the goals of tracking progress of healthcare outcomes, properly initiating quality initiatives, generating performance measures, supporting accurate government reporting, and expediting research initiatives.