Medical Student Payroll Guidelines for Students and Hiring Dept

Student responsibilities

  • I-9 - All student employees are required to complete an I-9 form before they start working. To do so, please visit:
  • Please retain the pink copy of the I-9 paperwork for I-9 verification
  • You are not allowed to start working until your I-9 has been completed and you are properly set up on Workday. Your hiring manager will notify you when you have been approved to begin working.


  • If you are currently being paid via a monthly stipend from the graduate school, and will be working at the medical school, please let your hiring manager know this information as you will be on a different payroll cycle.


  • If you are on any type of Leave of Absence you will not be eligible to work as a student employee for the Medical School.


Staff responsibilities:

Step 1:  Student position(s) must be created in Workday

  1. Hiring department is responsible for providing the position title, number of required positions, cost center and hourly rate to Sandra Adams.
  2. Submit this information via the Student Position Request Form or via an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2:  Student must complete an I-9 at University Human Resources

  1. Each department's administrative assistant or financial coordinator is responsible for verifying the I-9 is complete for the student worker before they are entered into Workday.
  2. All hiring departments (administrative assistant/financial coordinator) must request access to view the completed I-9 list on the student employment website.

Step 3:  Once the I-9 is complete and verified by the department's administrative assistant or financial coordinator, the student's name and title/position are given to Sandra Adams.

  1. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing of a student hire in Workday.

Step 4:  Hiring department will be notified by Sandra Adams that the student is all set to begin work.