About Us


As a model of inter-institutional cooperation in the delivery of medical services and in medical education, our Department of Dermatology thrives by drawing from the combined resources of Brown University, the Brown affiliated hospitals, and the local community. Teaching, learning, and clinical activities take place at all of the affiliated hospitals described here on the website.

The active involvement of community-based dermatologists adds to the quality of our teaching and to the caliber and collegiality of our regional Dermatology community. Of special note is the broad demographic and ethnic diversity of our patient population (drawing from throughout Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Southeastern Connecticut) which enriches both the clinical and personal experience of learning here.

Since the program’s beginning in 1969, over one hundred and thirty dermatologists have completed training here and practice or teach in locations throughout the United States. Virtually all are available to you should you wish to speak with them about their Brown educational experience.

Wellness within the department, and for residents, is a top priority at Brown Dermatology.  Our acadmic culture is well-known for being a positive, collegial, and supportive environment. In addition, we have an annual wellness-focused resident retreat and keep residents updated on health and wellness opportunities available through Lifespan GME, Coastline Employee Assistance Program, and the Rhode Island Medical Society.  Program Director Dr. John Kawaoka keeps an open-door policy for any resident concerns or challenges, and we select an annual resident Wellness Liaison.

Brown is proud to have a Brown Minority House Staff Association (BMHA), for more information on the BMHA, please click here.