Dermatopathology Rotation

Leslie Robinson-Bostom, MD, Director

Christopher DiMarco, MD

Gladys Hines Telang, MD


The dermatopathology experience consists of weekly dermatopathology teaching conferences, clinical-pathologic correlation, and rotations for second and third year residents.

At the weekly dermatopathology teaching conference, an entire textbook of dermatopathology is reviewed each year. Lectures are presented by board-certified dermatopathologists, or the rotating senior resident.

Known glass slides pertaining to the week's chapter are provided for review and presentation. Junior and senior residents discuss and present unknown slides. Patients' biopsies are routinely reviewed with a dermatopathologist or pathologist at the VA Medical Center and Rhode Island Hospital. Clinical-pathologic correlation is also emphasized at our bi-monthly clinical conferences. Teaching glass slides and Kodachrome slides are available for review.