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The Clinical and Translational Research Program (CTRP) comprises a multi-disciplinary research group focused on hypothesis-driven work on a wide variety of dermatologic diseases. Clinicians, epidemiologists, post-doctoral researchers, medical students, undergraduate students, and administrators make up this unique team, which gathers its strength from this rich network of experts working in an exciting and exceedingly collaborative environment. The CTRP functions under the mission of investigating an inclusive range of diseases, from common cancers to rare orphan diseases, in an effort to measurably expand our understanding, as well as to move discoveries from the conceptual world into clinical practice. To see a list of our current trials click here. To refer a patient, please email [email protected].


In the Press: 


CNN has featured the recent work by Eunyoung Cho, ScD, Director of Research, regarding white wine intake and risk of melanoma. 



Dr. Martin A. Weinstock has authored an editorial in JAMA regarding USPSTF recommendations on skin cancer screening. 


Citrus fruits and melanoma risk

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Recent publications:

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Team members


Abrar Qureshi, MD, MPH: Professor and Chair of DermatologyAbrar Qureshi, MD, MPH: Professor and Chair of Dermatology

Martin Weinstock, MD, PhD: Professor of DermatologyMartin Weinstock, MD, PhD: Professor of Dermatology

Eunyoung Cho, ScD: Director of Research; Associate Prof. of Dermatology, Associate Prof. of EpidemiologyEunyoung Cho, ScD: Director of Research; Associate Prof. of Dermatology, Associate Prof. of Epidemiology







Terrence Vance, Ph.D., RDN: Instructor in Research TrackTerrence Vance, Ph.D., RDN: Instructor in Research Track






Dermatoepidemiology Division

This unit, based at the Providence VA Medical Center, conducts epidemiologic research on cutaneous malignancies and dysplasias, including melanoma, other skin cancers, and skin cancer precursors. Funding is provided by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, and private foundations. Interested residents are encouraged to participate in the activities of the unit.