Global Emergency Medicine Research

Bangladesh: Research on mHealth for Cholera ManagementBangladesh: Research on mHealth for Cholera Management

Current Research Projects

Current emergency and acute care research in resource-limited settings include:

  • Rwanda: analysis of prehospital and in-hospital venues with foci on epidemiological characteristics, resource utilization, impacts of EM training and process measures and outcomes.
  • Kenya: incorporates EM training in Nairobi at the Aga Khan University and the role of ultrasound and trauma training in acute care provision in urban and semi-urban settings
  • Nepal: delivering COVID-19 trainings to healthcare workers throughout the country and developing emergency medicine capacity
  • Bangladesh: serves as the primary research site for active projects which aim to improve the identification and treatment of pediatric infectious diseases. Current studies including an R01 developing mobile health (mHealth) tools for dehydration assessment in diarrhea and and R21 developing a wearable devices-linked machine learning platform for sepsis prediction in children.
  • Ebola Virus Disease research using outbreak data from the recent outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as from the 2014-2016 outbreak in West Africa. Studies have focusesd on patient characteristics and outcomes, prediction models, use of novel technologies in clinical care and impacts of supportive and adjuvant treatments.  

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