Resident Elective

Welcome to the Division of Global Emergency Medicine and the resident elective program for the Alpert Medical School of Brown University residency in Emergency Medicine.  Residents have multiple opportunities to learn about Global Health through the residency conference program, the division lecture series, and GEM specific journal clubs. Additionally, you may elect to pursue the following options: 

Global EM Elective Abroad  
The Division currently has long-term relationships with hospitals Nicaragua, Rwanda, American Samoa, and Kenya. Each of these core sites has its own clinical, educational, and research objectives. To better understand the opportunities available at each of these sites please visit the Global Sites webpage. Residents who would like to pursue a global elective in countries other than the core sites are welcome to discuss elective opportunities with the Division of Global Emergency Medicine.

Resident learning and experiences include: medical care in resource limited settings, trauma and injury prevention topics, HIV related disease, tropical medicine, public health and nutrition, ultrasonography as a non-invasive imaging adjunct, EMS development, and medical education. 

Each participant will schedule both a pre-and post-travel consultation with Alexis Kearney, MD.  During your pre-travel consultation we will also discuss your elective reading list and help you design an academic product that will be submitted to the division after your elective. Funding for resident electives is provided by the Division of Global Emergency Medicine. 

Individual Study/GEM Topics Elective
Residents may also develop a 2-4 weeks elective with specific GEM Division faculty. During this time, residents will complete directed course work in the areas of travel medicine, immigrant and refugee health, and/or tropical medicine.

Ancillary GEM Opportunities
The Division of Global Emergency Medicine sponsors 1-2 residents each year to participate in the Harvard Humanitarian Response Intensive Course (HRIC) held every spring at Harvard. Residents are selected through an application process in late winter of the preceding year.

Residents have also attended the Health Emergencies in Large Populations (HELP) Course organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). The Division of Global Emergency Medicine provides scholarships for these global health related training programs. Each of these training opportunities requires advanced planning and separate applications with important deadlines. Please visit their respective websites for further information.

Interested residents are encouraged to apply to join the Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review (GEMLR). Opportunities also exist for residents to participate in ongoing research projects and global curriculum development with our GEM faculty.  For more information visit our reserach page by clicking here.  Residents interested in the Brown Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship can obtain further information by visiting the Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship webpage.

 For more information about developing a future career in Global Emergency Medicine visit the EMRA divsion of International Emergency Medicine.

Application Process
Please contact Alexis Kearney if you are interested in any of these opportunities during your residency.