Department Research

The research program in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rhode Island, Miriam, Newport and Hasbro Children's Hospital was established to support investigator-initiated research and pharmaceutical, biologic and biomedical device trials.

The program is supported by a departmental Senior Research Administrator, a pre-award Research Administrator, a Research Program Administrator, two Clinical Research Coordinators, and a staff of Clinical Research Assistants.

The department maintains clinical research space within the RIH ED as well as fully-equipped basic science laboratories, and has ongoing collaborations with Brown University and other hospital departments.

The four main focus areas of the emergency medicine research program are (1) injury prevention and control, (2) cardiovascular, neurologic, and resuscitation science, (3) pediatric, age, and gender specific care, and (4) healthcare systems science. The program is overseen by Dr. Gregory Jay, Vice Chair for Research.


Division Research

Current and recent projects include:

•   TAPSE for pulmonary embolism (multi-center study)

•   MAPSE for heart failure

•   Carotid ultrasound for resuscitation 

•   Lung ultrasound for traumatic pneumothorax

•   REASON – EUS in Cardiac Arrest (multi-center study)

•   STONE – Utility of point-of-care ultrasound in Renal Colic (multi-center study) 

•   Pediatric POCUS appy study (multi-center study)


Select Division Publications:

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