Brown Emergency Digital Health Innovation program is launched

August 12, 2014

Dr. Megan Ranney has launched Brown's Emergency Digital Health Innovation (EDHI) program, a new inter-disciplinary initiative whose goal is to "facilitate the creation and deployment of effective evidence based digital health tools in the acute care setting".   The program's vision is for "digital health to be an evidence-based, effective, and well-integrated tool for creating and restoring health."

The program is led by Dr. Ranney, the founder and director of EDHI as well as Dr. Paul Porter who directs the department's efforts in telemedicine.  They are also joined by academic collaborators within the Department of Emergency Medicine as well as Alpert Medical School.   The group's research is funded by both external and internal grants.  In addition to academic research, the program is also collaborating with business partners locally and nationally.

For more information on EDHI, please see their website,

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