The Brown-Kenya Program was started in 2001 as a medical educational exchange between the Moi University Department of Medicine in Eldoret, Kenya and the Medicine Departments at Brown University and Indiana University.  In 2001, the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare was founded as an academic collaboration among several US institutions and Moi University to provide HIV care in western Kenya.  As of 2012, Brown sends more than 50 medical students, residents and faculty to Moi University per year to collaborate with Kenyan students, registrars and physicians.  Over the years, other Brown departments such as pediatrics, pulmonary, and psychiatry has paired with Kenyan counterparts to provide care, improve education, and conduct collaborative research.

The overall goals of the program are:

  • To enhance health related education and personal growth while building strong collaborative relationships between American and Kenyan physicians, health professionals and trainees
  • To ameliorate the negative health effects of poverty and economic disparity
  • To develop health care leaders in both the US and Kenya through offering unique opportunities to reinforce professional values

To accomplish these mission goals, we...

  • Lead with Service
  • Follow with Education
  • Complete the Circle with Research

For more information, please visit:
Brown Kenya Program


Family Medicine Involvement
The Kenyan Family Medicine Registrar (Residency) program was founded in 2005 with support of the Kenyan, Belgian, and Dutch governments as well as several US-trained family medicine faculty.  Dr. Patrick Chege, a graduate of the Moi Family Medicine program, directs the Moi Family Medicine department. The main teaching site is at the Webuye District Hospital.

The following Brown Family Medicine faculty and residents have traveled to Kenya through the Brown-Kenya program:

  • Dr. Kim Zeller, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine: Dr. Zeller traveled to Kenya in 2008 to provide research mentorship to Kenyan residents and faculty.
  • Dr. Daria Szkwarko, residency class of 2015: Daria spent one year (2010-2011) in Eldoret, Kenya as a Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar conducting tuberculosis operations research with Dr. Jane Carter. Daria returned in April 2012 and plans to go back for a clinical rotation in 2013. You can read more about her experience here.

The Family Medicine Department is looking forward to having additional residents and faculty travel to Kenya to collaborate with Kenyan trainees and faculty in the future!

Interested in going on a clinical rotation in Kenya? Please email Janet Oconnell [email protected] for more information regarding upcoming orientations.

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