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Meet the Brown FM Alumni Board

Jeff Manning '09, MD

Jason Salter '09, DO

Elizabeth Smith, MBA


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  3. Check the box "Other" and type in "Family Medicine Alumni Association"
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Special thanks to the Brown Office of Alumni Affairs for their support of fund administration.

FM Alumni Board Members:

Top, left to right:  Jason Salter, DO (Treasurer); Phil Salko, DO; Jeff Manning, MD (Chairman); Jordan White, MD; Kate McCleary, MD; Rick Long, MD; Tina Duarte, MD; Lisa Bowie, MD.

 Bottom, left to right:  Amity Rubeor, DO and Mike Chin, MD (via Skype).

Board Members missing from photo:  Jeff Syme, MD; Melissa Nothnagle, MD; Steven Stein, MD; Solmaz Behtash, DO;  Manisha Kumar, MD.