Family Care Center

The Family Care Center (FCC) at opened in 1975 as a teaching facility and practice base for the Brown Family Medicine Residency Program. The Center provides the highest quality of comprehensive and continuous care to patients and their families throughout the life cycle, with the goal of reducing health disparities for the underserved communities of Pawtucket and Central Falls.


The FCC serves 12,500 active patients with approximately 30,000 patient visits annually. FCC patients include infants, children, adolescents, adults, including geriatric and prenatal patients. Second- and third-year residents also make monthly visits to care for their nursing home and home-bound patients. Our patients are primarily low-income families from Pawtucket and Central Falls. Some are long time residents of the Blackstone Valley, while many of our patients have immigrated from Latin America, Southeast Asia, Cape Verde, Portugal and west Africa.

Acute and preventive care services are provided to patients of all ages. Family Medicine residents are assigned a panel of patients with whom they work for the length of their residency. Residents follow their patients in the hospital, nursing home or at home as appropriate.

Facility and Staff

The 38 residents are divided among the three practices. Faculty are distributed amongst the teams, with faculty team leaders for each practice. Each team's staff includes three secretaries, one team nurse, one LPN and one medical assistant. The Behavioral Science faculty and a nutritionist work with all teams.

The Family Care Center strives to be a model practice in which residents participate in innovative models for providing family medicine. Among our practice innovations are electronic medical records, open-access scheduling, integrated primary care, the chronic care model, group medical visits for diabetes, chronic pain, osteopathic manipulative medicine clinic and group prenatal visits.


Our family physicians perform minor surgery, casting and splinting, flexible sigmoidoscopy, IUD insertion, endometrial biopsies, joint injections, colposcopy, cryosurgery and audiograms. Each practice has videotaping capabilities. Ambulatory laboratory and radiology services are available within the Center for Primary Care.