Rural Community Medicine: Block Island - FM 5480

Course Leader: 
Janice Miller, MD

Contact Information:  
[email protected] 

Learning Objectives: 

•    Understand the care and management of patients in a rural community – both in a primary care and in a urgent care setting 
•    Work effectively as a team member in a rural health care setting

Course Description: 

Students function as integral members of the Block Island Medical Center team.  Students will be responsible for histories, physical exams, and selected procedures including EKGs, starting an IV, laceration repair and minor surgical procedures. Primary care is predominant in June and September with 10 to 25 visits per weekday. Urgent Care is more frequent during July and August when weekday visits range from 25 to as high as 50 visits per day as a result of increased tourism.

Duration of Course: 
4 weeks

Educational Status of Student:  
4th year medical students 

Completion of 3rd year; interest in either Family Medicine or Emergency Medicine