Emine Yalcin, PhD

Emine Yalcin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Research)


Academic Interests:

My research focuses on the dysregulation of lipid metabolism in insulin resistance-associated liver and brain diseases. We explored the potential use of imaging mass spectrometry to understand the lipid biochemical histopathology of chronic plus binge alcohol and tobacco nitrosamine ketone (NNK) induced steatohepatitis and white matter degeneration. Our studies demonstrated that alcohol, NNK, or alcohol+NNK result in differential hepatic lipid profiles in an experimental model of steatohepatitis. In brain, chronic plus binge alcohol exposures cause progressive white matter atrophy associated with duration-dependent reductions in myelin lipid composition and these effects are partially reversible by short-term abstinence. Future studies will determine the expression and function of upstream enzymes that regulate membrane lipid homeostasis. These studies will help us better understand the mechanisms underlying ethanol-mediated steatohepatitis and white matter degeneration and improve strategies for therapeutic intervention.

Selected Publications

Yalcin EB, de la Monte SM (2015) Review of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-imaging mass spectrometry for lipid biochemical histopathology. J Histochem Cytochem 63: 762-771.

 Yalcin EB, Nunez K, Cornett DS, de la Monte SM (2015) Differential Lipid Profiles in Experimental Steatohepatitis: Role for Imaging Mass Spectrometry as a Diagnostic Aid. J Drug and Alcohol Res 2: 1-11.

 Yalcin EB, Nunez K, Tong M, de la Monte SM (2015) Differential Sphingolipid and Phospholipid Profiles in Alcohol and Nicotine-Derived Nitrosamine Ketone-Associated White Matter Degeneration. Alcohol Clin Exp Res 39: 2324-2333.

 Yalcin EB, Tong M, de la Monte SM (2016) Enzymatic Responses to Alcohol and Tobacco Nicotine-Derived Nitrosamine Ketone Exposures in Long Evans Rat Livers. Austin Liver 1003: 1-7.