Shuping Tong, MD PhD

Shuping Tong, MD PhD

Professor of Medicine

phone: 401-444-7365

E-mail:[email protected]

Research Interests:

My research interests involve investigations of hepadnaviral receptor proteins on hepatocytes. Using related duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV) as a model, we have identified p170, or duck carboxypeptidase D (DCPD), as a binding partner for viral pre-S envelope protein. Studies are in progress to define the contact site on the p170 for the pre-S1 region of DHBV. Another major interest is the study of HBV varients with altered replication capacity at the molecular level. We study HBV genomes amplified with patients with low and high level viremia with acute and chronic hepatitis and assess their replication capacity in transfected hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines.

Selected Publications:

Sequence analysis and functional characterization of full-length hepatitis B virus genomes from Korean cirrhotic patients with or without liver cancer. Zhou H, Gewaily D, Ahn S, Preskill C, Wang Y, Zong L, Zhang J, Han K, Wands J, Li J, Tong S. Virus Research 2017;235: 86-95.

Characterization of contrasting features between hepatitis B virus genotype A and genotype D in small envelope protein expression and surface antigen secretion. Zhang F, Tang X, Garcia T, Lok A, Wang Y, Jia H, Qin Y, Chen C, Wen Y, Li J, Tong S. Virology 2017;503: 52-61.

Overview of hepatitis B viral replication and genetic variability (review). Tong S, Revill P. Journal of Heptology 2016;64 (1 Suppl): S4-16.

Functional characterization of hepatitis B virus core promoter mutants revealed transcriptional interference among co-terminal viral mRNAs. Chen C, Jia H, Zhang F, Qin Y, Zong L, Yuan Q, Wang Y, Xia N, Li J, Wen Y, Tong S. Journal of General Virology 2016;97: 2668-2676

Stronger enhancer II/core promoter activities of hepatitis B virus isolates of B2 subgenotype than those of C2 subgenotype. Qin Y, Zhou X, Jia H, Chen C, Zhao W, Zhang J, Tong S. Scientific Reports 2016;6, 30374.