Department of Neuroscience

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The mission of the Department of Neuroscience is to do excellent teaching and research on the basic functions and diseases of the nervous system. Areas of interest include neural plasticity, information processing, and neuronal and synaptic functions, particularly as they relate to development, sensory perception, motor behavior, and cognition. The 20 campus-based neuroscience faculty train undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, and medical students in molecular, cellular, developmental, systems, cognitive, and theoretical neuroscience. There are currently forty-two doctoral students in the Neuroscience Graduate Program and the innovative Brown-NIH Graduate Program Partnership, and 122 undergraduate students are enrolled in the neuroscience concentration. Members of the Department also participate in the MRI Research Facility, the Center for Vision Research, and several NIH and NIMH training grants for graduate and postdoctoral fellows studying neuroscience and vision sciences.
The Department is also a cornerstone of Brown's Institute for Brain Science, a multidisciplinary consortium of about ninety faculty from eleven departments that promotes collaborative theoretical and experimental studies of the brain, and the Norman Prince Neurosciences Institute at Rhode Island Hospital.

Name Contact
Carlos Aizenman
Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-6015
Wael Asaad
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-1000
Gilad Barnea
NIH Graduate Partnership Program (NIH GPP) Director, Associate Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-3126
Patrick Bedard
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
(401) 863-1258
David M Berson
Sidney A. Fox and Dorothea Doctors Fox Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Professor of Medical Science, Chair of Neuroscience
(401) 863-2555
Lucien J Bienenstock
Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
(401) 863-1195
Barry W Connors
L. Herbert Ballou University Professor of Neuroscience, Professor of Medical Science
(401) 863-2982
Scott J Cruikshank
Associate Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
(401) 863-7597
Theresa M Desrochers
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior
(401) 863-7126
John P Donoghue
Henry Merritt Wriston Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-2701
Justin R Fallon
Professor of Medical Science, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior
(401) 863-9308
Alexander Fleischmann
Associate Professor of Neuroscience
Anne C Hart
Professor of Neuroscience, Graduate Program Director for the Neuroscience Graduate Program
(401) 863-2822
Alexander Jaworski
June G. Zimmerman Assistant Professor of Brain Science, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-1963
Stephanie R Jones
Associate Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-1000
Julie Kauer
Professor of Medical Science, Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-9803
Karla Kaun
Robert and Nancy Carney Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-5825
Monica Linden
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience
(401) 863-5192
Diane Lipscombe
Professor of Neuroscience, Director of the Brown Institute for Brain Science (BIBS), Thomas J. Watson, Sr. Professor of Science
(401) 863-1092
Christopher I Moore
Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-1054
Samuel Neymotin
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
Michael A Paradiso
Sidney A. Fox and Dorothea Doctors Fox Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-1159
Robert L Patrick
Associate Professor of Medical Science
(401) 863-2630
Carl Saab
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery (Research), Associate Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
(401) 444-4290
Jerome Sanes
Professor of Neuroscience, Director of MRI Facility
David Sheinberg
Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-9575
Andrea M Simmons
Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
(401) 863-2283
James A Simmons
Professor of Biology
(401) 863-1542
John J Stein
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience
(401) 863-2263
Wilson Truccolo
Pablo J. Salame '88 Goldman Sachs Assistant Professor of Computational Neuroscience, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
(401) 863-2261
Carlos E Vargas-Irwin
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
(401) 863-1874
Edward G Walsh
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
(401) 863-6525
Michael S Worden
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (Research)
(401) 863-6305