Margaret Thorsen

Why did you choose WIH/Brown OB/GYN?

Brown has always held a special place in my heart. I'm from Rhode Island, went to Brown for undergrad and medical school, and my mother is a NICU nurse at WIH. That said, Brown/WIH Ob/Gyn residency didn't just feel like home because I was familiar with the hospital and close to family - Brown felt like home because of the clinical faculty, program leadership, and residents. The people at Brown are some of the most inspiring, passionate, kind, and down-to-earth people you'll meet. One of the program's unique strengths is the midwife faculty, who are integral to resident education and wonderful mentors. I was drawn to the strong sense of community among the residents and the palpable feeling that at WIH, I would be supported both professionally and personally. 

 What are your interests within OB/GYN?

I'm open to all possibilities at this point and can't wait to explore this diverse field. I have a strong interest in population health and definitely want to care for underserved patient populations. I've also always enjoyed working with adolescent women and hope to be involved in medical education.

 What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island?

The restaurant scene in Providence is awesome – a large variety of cuisines and great bang for your buck! It's great being so close to the water...I'm happiest when I'm strolling around India Point Park in Providence, sailing in East Greenwich with my grandpa, or taking a quick trip to the beach. Rhode Island is a beautiful place to live.

 Where do you live?

My husband and I will be living in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston, near Roger Williams Park. 

One fun fact about you:

I have an encyclopedic knowledge of song lyrics.

 One piece of advice for candidates:

The interview season can be a stressful, expensive, exhausting time of uncertainty. Try to have fun when you can and enjoy meeting new people in the midst of it all!