Christian Parobek

Why did you choose Brown/WIH Ob/Gyn? 

My top three reasons for choosing Brown were: (1) Brown is the most family friendly program I could find. Everyone's happy here, families included. (2) Women & Infants is a stand-alone hospital - this gives residents a unique training experience and pushes them to become well rounded and confident. (3) Brown/WIH have strong research infrastructure - the opportunities seem limitless. 

What are your interests within OB/GYN?

MFM & genetics for now. Would someday love to find a clinical + research position where I can combine these two interests. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island? 

 We're looking forward to biking the state and taking our little girl to the beach. Also planning to explore all the veggie restaurants in RI - we've heard good things.

Where do you live?
Elmhurst! It's a great, quiet, family friendly neighborhood that's close to downtown, parks, and the hospital.

One fun fact about you

I'm a certified beekeeper (but I don't like honey).

One piece of advice for candidates\

Make sure to write down your gut impression of each program asap after the interview, otherwise things will start to blur.