Christy Gandhi

Why did you choose Brown/WIH Ob/Gyn?

As a Brown medical student, I felt well-supported by the comprehensive faculty advising/mentorship and I thought that the residents were a fun group of people to hang out with! My passion for women’s health was cultivated at WIH because I was inspired by everyone’s dedication and enthusiasm towards patient care, medical education and to each other.  I knew I would be happy training as a resident at Brown/WIH.  

What are your interests within OB/GYN?
Whether it’s being in the OR, LDR, or clinic, I love the variety in clinical practice within ob/gyn so I’m keeping an open mind about post-residency opportunities. I do have an interest in patient safety, quality improvement and healthcare systems especially when it relates to healthcare disparities. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island?
Food, food and more FOOD! I look forward to restaurant weeks, food festivals and RI food fights. But also, the summers in Rhode Island are beautiful with all of the beaches, hiking, bike paths, and parks. 

Where do you live? 
I enjoy living in Wayland Square because it’s close to Blackstone Blvd, shopping, restaurants, and the bike path! 

One fun fact about you
I went sky diving to help overcome my fear of heights…It wasn’t as successful as I had hoped because I’m still scared of heights!   

One piece of advice for candidates
The application process is grueling and can take a toll on you. But remember to stay positive (and love yourself!) because it does work out in the end. Optimism will help you cope with uncertainties inherent to this process. Besides, your optimistic charm will be contagious and people (including interviewers) will take notice!