Deanna Glassman

Why did you choose WIH/Brown OB/GYN?

I kept thinking that it wasn't possible for people to be this happy that I was almost skeptical. I went to the pre-interview dinner and I felt like I was coming home. As we laughed and talked around the campfire I felt like it wouldn’t be a huge culture shock for me to move from Seattle, WA to the east coast. Also, I want to do a fellowship and you can't argue with a 100% match rate!

 What are your interests within OB/GYN?

I almost dual applied into Urology and Ob/Gyn, so naturally you'd expect that I'd be interested in Urogyn. I definitely am, but I am not shutting the door on other options just yet! One thing I love about WIH is that the faculty guidance and direction in every department is really great so it doesn't feel like there's a weakness in one program or another (and Urogyn seems particularly strong).

 What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island?

Get outdoors in the summer. I love the warm summer nights and going to the Rustic Drive-In movie theater ($27 for a car load of people for a double feature!). I just learned that there's free sunrise yoga in the park on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in the park too!

 Where do you live?

North Providence in the Fruit Hill neighborhood. My husband and I had a really hard time deciding where to live but landed on North Providence because we could get the same situation (2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment) for $250/mo. cheaper than we could in the Hope district and it included tons of storage in the basement, a backyard to grow my garden, and snow removal by the landlords! It's a diverse and safe neighborhood which I really enjoy. Most of my class is on the East side or in Cranston so we may end up moving after our first year just to be closer to the rest of the crew. But, despite what everyone thinks, it's not too far from work! When I have the early mornings (get to hospital by 4:30-5 AM) it takes me about 9-10 minutes door to door, and in the craziest traffic it's only 20 minutes tops (and that's as bad as the traffic gets).

 One piece of advice for candidates:

Don't get frustrated when people tell you it comes down to a gut decision. You can make spreadsheets, and lists of pros and cons all day and they may help you. But it is true, it comes down to your gut feelings (in my opinion). Try to talk to the residents and find out if you could handle being around them more than your spouse/partner/significant other/family because chances are, on some rotations at least, you will!