Ellie Proussaloglou

Why did you choose Brown/WIH Ob/Gyn? 

My husband jokes that he knew I was going to choose Brown based on my excited exclamations while reading through the website the night before the interview- I was struck by the unique academic offerings (especially the breast surgery rotation!) and the significant amount of elective time given to residents (3 weeks as a PGY2 and 6 as a PGY3). My interview day confirmed everything I had learned online and I left the social event feeling like I had just spent a couple of hours hanging out with old friends… I knew I had found the right place!

What are your interests within OB/GYN?

Everything…?! I am passionate about family planning and complex contraception but also am fascinated by Gyn Onc, MFM, and REI.

What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island?

Eat and drink all of the delicious things that Providence has to offer; for my favorite cappuccino, head to Bolt Coffee in Downcity.

Where do you live?

 The West Side

One fun fact about you

 I speak Greek fluently

One piece of advice for candidates

First of all, try as hard as you can to be yourself in interviews- programs are trying to find their right fit but so are you… the more you can act like yourself, the easier it will be to see if XYZ program is right for you. Second, take time to treat yourself on the interview trail to destress. When possible, splurge on a fancy donut, local workout class, nice meal, or even a hotel room to give yourself some time to unwind between hours of interviews and small talk.