Eva Reina

Why did you choose WIH/Brown OB/GYN? 

 I wanted to train at a dedicated women’s hospital with a collaborative, innovate atmosphere, where an evidence-based approach to daily practice was the norm. I was also looking for a program with opportunities for fellowship, but where I would emerge as an outstanding generalist if that was the career path I chose!

 What are your interests within OB/GYN? 

Undecided! I’ve found myself gravitating towards the gynecologic subspecialties with a research component. The dream is to participate in the WRHR Program post fellowship.

What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island? 

EAT! Providence is such a foodie town. I author and photograph a food blog, and Providence provides some killer inspiration!

Where do you live? 

We are tackling a cute little fixer-upper in the Elmhurst area of Providence (just north of Fed Hill).

 One fun fact about you: 

My husband and I met in the circus down in Florida—I performed on the swinging trapeze and he was my safety line holder…I’m also a sucker for senior dogs.

 One piece of advice for candidates: 

Trust your gut! Pick the program where you left inspired by everyone around you.