Amber Young

Why did you choose WIH/Brown OB/GYN?

I chose WIH for many reasons but most importantly, it felt like home. I was fortunate enough to spend a month as a visiting student during my 4th year of medical school and I got to experience the academic excellence, nurturing environment, and the commitment to residents first hand. The thing that stood out the most, and probably the most important to me, was the residents- they were great physicians, extremely happy, and seemed like they really enjoyed coming to work. I knew this was a place where I could develop into the best physician possible and  WIH quickly became the standard for what I was looking for in a residency program. I could not be more ecstatic to join all the phenomenal faculty and residents and start my career as an OB/Gyn.

 What are your interests within OB/GYN?

Honestly I am interested in so many things (which is how I know I picked the right career!). I am torn between fellowship (maybe MFM or REI) and becoming an academic generalist. For now, I know that I want my career to involve medical education and diverse patient populations.

 What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island? 

Trying all the delicious restaurants and coffee shops the city has to offer!

 Where do you live?

Federal Hill

 One fun fact about you: 

I ran track and field in college- my main event was the 400m hurdles

 One piece of advice for candidates:

Try your best to not compare yourself to other applicants and don’t get caught up in the numbers game. Trust your gut and pick the place where you will be set up for success in terms of your career but also pick the place where you will be the happiest.