Jia Jennifer Ding

Why did you choose WIH/Brown OB/GYN? 

 Brown trains excellent obstetrician gynecologists in a truly kind and compassionate environment, and I loved everyone I met during the interview. All the residents seemed genuinely happy and excited for work every day!

 What are your interests within OB/GYN?

Having started on OB days, I'm biased towards obstetrics, but I also really enjoy being in the operating room and improving my surgical skills.

 What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island?

Many places on the bucket list still to check off, but I love running to India Point Park. It always reminds me of doing yoga in the park with my fellow co-interns during orientation week. Hope Street farmer's market is also a weekend staple!

Where do you live?

I live on the East Side/Fox Point - great neighborhood!

 One fun fact about you:

I grew up drawing and painting and once lost a canvas en route to class...only to find it on the side of the street being run over by cars. I rescued and finished said canvas. It was a self-portrait...not sure how that reflects upon my life.

 One piece of advice for candidates:

Just as important as finding a solid training program is finding a environment where you will thrive and be happy, so pay attention to how you feel at the interview and trust your instinct! Being given the chance to succeed by a rigorous yet supportive and kind program is more than half the battle. And stay in touch with other folks on the trail!