Leanne Free

Why did you choose WIH/Brown OB/GYN?

Women and Infants was my #1 choice for residency. After completing my interview season, I could not imagine a better place to spend the next 4 years of my training. I admired the faculty’s dedication to teaching and the opportunity to learn from both hospital-based and community-based physicians, as well as midwives. I was also very attracted to the structured mentoring program, the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population, and the strong sense of family and camaraderie I sensed throughout my interview day (and continue to experience on a daily basis!)

 What are your interests within OB/GYN?

One of the reasons I chose OB/GYN was the diversity of the field; however, my particular interests include contraception, abnormal uterine bleeding, minimally invasive surgery and vaginal prolapse repair.

 What is your favorite thing to do in Providence or Rhode Island?

Anything that includes being outside! Hanging out on Block Island, being on the water in Newport, berry picking in Johnson, riding my bike, shopping at outdoor artisan and farmer’s markets, and eating & drinking Downtown.

 Where do you live?

Eastside of Providence near Wayland Square. It’s a great place to ride my bike and its walking distance from lots of cute restaurants, coffee shops, Whole Foods and Blackstone Blvd.

 One piece of advice for candidates:

Pick a place where you know you can be happy and well supported. If you’re interviewing at programs within the same tier, you know you’re going to be well trained no matter what. Choose the program where you will be surrounded by people that care about you and match your personality.