Life in Providence

Providence SkylineProvidence Skyline

The first colony to declare independence from England and last to join the Union, Rhode Island is the smallest state, yet it offers an eclectic blend of natural resources as well as diverse people and cultures. With a population of 179,000, Rhode Island's capital, Providence, is a medium-sized city that offers diversity, amazing food/art scene rivaling bigger cities, and a comfortable, homey place to live. As a resident in an Alpert Medical School-affiliated program, you'll have the opportunity to work in an urban setting that offers a high patient volume and superb clinical experiences. Women & Infants serves as the main maternity hospital for a large catchement area of Rhode Island, Southwestern Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Providence is home to Brown University, RISD (a top arts college), Johnson & Wales (a renowned culinary institute) and several other colleges and universities, creating a young, vibrant, cosmopolitan community.

Our residents love living in Lil' Rhody. Here are some of our favorite things about this tiny, quirky, wonderful state:

  • Its diversity, accessibility (both financially and geographically), and diversity! -Julia, PGY1
  • The food culture! Some of the best coffee (go to Bolt and ask for Justin), pastries (Ellie's Bakery is divine), and farm-to-table dinners around (Gracie's is a must for a special occasion) -Ellie, PGY2
  •  The weather- we have all four seasons and leaf peeping in the fall is a special treat. For 5-6 months of the year, our weather feels like my ideal climate -Kate Zaluski, Academic Generalist
  • Free, easy parking everywhere! Most restaurants have free valet parking :) -Fei, PGY4
  • The city is full of green spaces- you get urban living and beautiful parks within one block of each other. -Alana, PGY3

Our residents live scattered throughout the city of Providence and surrounding communities of North Providence, Cranston, East Providence, and beyond. Each neighborhood, though small, has its distinct vibe. Ask us all about our neighborhood, favorite eateries, type of home/apartment. We'd love to have you join our community!