Research Opportunities

The Lab's primary mission is research and education.  The scope of our education spans from undergraduate students  to orthopaedic residents.  See our Research page for current projects and our Publications page for project status.   Below are some guidelines, feel free to contact us with questions:

  • Undergraduates - Undergraduates from both Brown and RISD join our lab for Independent Study and/or Honor Theses.  Summer positions are available, but fill quickly early in the year. Feel free to review our web site and publications and then to emial either Prof. Crisco or Fleming.
  • Graduates Students - Both Masters and PhD students join our lab to complete their research and thesis requirements.  Contact the Graduate School for application details.
  • Orthopaedic Residents - Got  a great clinical question that needs answering through basic science?  We can help you answer it and get the findings published.