Core Services

Core Research Services:

  • Imaging Core
    • Micro Computer Tomography
    • Histology
    • Digital Imaging and Analysis
  • Bioengineering Core
    • Mechanical Testing and Analysis
  • Carpal Bone Database 
    • Moore, D. C., Crisco, J. J., Trafton, T. G., & Leventhal, E. L. (2007). A digital database of wrist bone anatomy and carpal kinematics. Journal of Biomechanics, 40(11), 2537–2542. 
    • You can observe and download the database from SimTk database.


  • Micro Computer Tomography (μCT40)
  • Portable plane X-ray system
  • Faxitron® cabinet X-ray system
  • High-speed optical motion capture system (Qualysis®)  
  • Material testing systems (Bose®, Instron®, MTS®)
  • Biological safety cabinets

Additional Facilities:


microCT40microCT40 Subchondral bone thickness with microCT40Subchondral bone thickness with microCT40
Qualisys camerasQualisys cameras Qualisys markersQualisys markers
MicroscopeMicroscope Biological safety cabinetsBiological safety cabinets
Material Testing SystemsMaterial Testing Systems RIHOFRIHOF
Brown University MRFBrown University MRF Knee MRI highlighting the ACLKnee MRI highlighting the ACL
Brown University Keck facility (XROMM)Brown University Keck facility (XROMM) Qualisys markers and XROMMQualisys markers and XROMM
Upper Extremity CT scanUpper Extremity CT scan Upper extremity bones segmented from CT scanUpper extremity bones segmented from CT scan