New publication from our lab on hydrogels supporting 3D printed scaffolds for meniscus tissue engineering

Congratulations Drs. Bahar Bilgen, PhD and our former visiting scholar Gokhan Bahcecioglu, PhD, and co-authors for their new publication based on work in our lab. "Hydrogels of agarose, and methacrylated gelatin and hyaluronic acid are more supportive for in vitro meniscus regeneration than three dimensional printed polycaprolactone scaffolds" was published in International journal of biological macromolecules.

Gokhan Bahcecioglu receives the Best Poster Award at BIOMED 2017

Gokhan Bahcecioglu, former visiting scholar at Brown/RIH in Dr. Bilgen's lab and Ph.D. candidate in Biotechnology at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, received the Best Poster Award among the 183 posters with his poster based on his studies conducted in our laboratory with Dr Bilgen, titled "Reinforcing agarose and GelMA hydrogels with 3D printed PCL: A novel scaffold for use in meniscus tissue engineering". The 22nd Biomedical Science and Technology Symposium, BIOMED 2017, was held in Ankara, Turkey during 12-14 May, 2017.

Students present at Orthopaedics Grand Rounds

Congratulations to our students who presented at the Student Research Day, Department of Orthopaedics Grand Rounds at Rhode Island Hospital and Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. 

Jonathan Franco, BA'17, mentored by Dr. Chat Jayasuriya, PhD, presented his honors thesis work titled "Cartilage-derived stem cells for meniscal repair and prevention of posttraumatic osteoarthritis".

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