Facilities and Service

Cell biology and image analysis:

  • Cell culture: four class II laminar flow hoods, 5 CO2-incubators, inverted microscope, and table-top centrifuge.
  • Fluorescence microscope: Nikon Microphoto fluorescence microscope equipped with a CCD digital camera, G4 Power Mac computers, color printers and image analysis software.
  • Flow cytometer: BD Accuri flow cytometer.
  • Autoclaving machine.

Molecular biology and biochemistry:

  • Real time PCR: MJ Opticon 2 real-time PCR system.
  • Gel imaging: UVP Bioimaging digital gel documentation system.
  • Quantitative Fluorescent Imaging system: LI-COR Odyssey. 
  • PCR: Applied Biosystem GeneAmp PCR system.
  • Bacterial culture shaker.
  • Luminometer: Promega, Glomax luminometer .
  • Hybridization chamber: Fisher Scientific hybridization chamber.
  • Plate reader: Molecular Devices SpectraMax M2 plate reader with fluorescence.
  • Luminex: Invitrogen luminex SD system.
  • Orion pH meter.
  • Microinjection system.


  • Microtome: Leica fully automated cryostat and microtomes.
  • Cutting machine: Buehler-Isomet bone saw and diamond studded carborundum wheel and Buehler Ecomet 4 grinder/polisher with Automet 2 powerhead.

Animal research:

  • Small animal fluorescence tomography (FMT): PerkinElmer FMT 4000 Fluorescence Tomography System.
  • Small animal X-ray: Faxtron small animal X-ray.
  • Petersime egg incubator.
  • Tissue homogenizer: PowerGen 125.
  • Dissection microscope: Olympus SZ61.

Chemistry and materials:

  • Organic synthesis: Chemical hood and ultra-high vacuum system.
  • Rotary evaporator.
  • Temperature-control circulator.
  • HPLC: Agilent Technologies, 1260 infinity HPLC system.
  • Sonicator: Qsonica, sonicator with cup horns.