Maintaining excellent clinical care for patients is a major goal of the DPHB. The wide diversity of patients it serves can be attributed to the collaboration with the Brown University affiliated hospitals and public sector mental health centers. The diagnostic mix provided by a broad population base enables a wealth of educational opportunities for student medical education and allows residents to treat low-income and uninsured patients.

The considerable variety of the clinical programs within the department constantly provide students and staff with new opportunities and challenges. The majority of the clinical activity undertaken by the departmental faculty takes place at one of our seven affiliated hospitals. Each of these institutions is committed to the long-term presence of a strong psychiatry component and support for academic faculty and programs. A spirit of mutual cooperation toward the common goal of excellence in education and clinical care provides a solid foundation for the development of outstanding and balanced clinical programs and strong clinical and academic faculty.

The DPHB continues to expand educational and clinical collaborations with the Brown University Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Primary Care and Family Practice.