Dear Brown Alum:

In June, we said congratulations to our 2018-2019 graduates!  You can read about the 26 clinical psychology residents and 28 postdoctoral fellows who graduated by visiting the Recent Graduates link.  Twenty-four of our clinical psychology residents this year have accepted postdoctoral fellowship positions (16 will be remaining within the Brown system) and two have accepted faculty positions for the 19-20 training year. The 2019-2020 internship class will start on July 1 and postdoctoral fellows have been coming in throughout the summer.

Sheri L. Johnson, PhD, Professor and Director of Clinical Science Program, Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, gave the 22nd David Barlow Oration, the Grand Rounds selected by our trainees.  Her talk was entitled, “Impulsive Responding to Emotion: Definitions, outcomes, and intervention ideas.” After the presentation, Dr. Johnson met with the trainees to discuss research questions. 

Joshua A. Gordon, MD, PhD, Director, National Institute of Mental Health, was the keynote speaker at the annual Mind Brain Research Day this past March.  His talk was entitled, "On Being a Circuit Psychiatrist."

Several of our trainees won awards for their posters...

Among our clinical psychology residents, three received awards, Yulia Gavrilova, the title of her poster was, “Psychometric validation of the modified drinking motives questionnaire – Revised in a psychiatric sample,” Morganne Kraines, the title of her poster was, “Social anxiety as a precursor for depression:  Influences from interpersonal rejection and attention for emotional stimuli,” and Melanie Bozzay, the title of her poster was, “Linking sleep and aggression: The role of response inhibition and emotional processing.” 

In the postdoc group, L.G. Rollins was awarded 2nd Place, the title of her poster was, “Electronic cigarette use in pregnancy: Prevalence, characteristics, and comorbidities in a New England sample.”

This year, awards were also presented for Diversity.  Eugene Dunne was awarded 2nd place, the title of his poster was, “Telephone-delivered interventions for people living with HIV: Perceived benefits and challenges.”

The Clinical Psychology Training Consortium created a Facebook account to help current trainees and alumni stay connected.  We are proud to say that we already have added 170+ members to the group! 

As always, we are interested in hearing from you so please visit:  Update your contact information on the Alumni Directory via reply email, [email protected] and/or leave us a message at 401-444-1938.  

Best wishes!

Tony Spirito, PhD, ABPP, Director, Division of Clinical Psychology

Elizabeth McQuaid, PhD, ABPP, Director, Clinical Psychology Training Programs at Brown