Postdoctoral fellows may be hired by the University or one of its affiliated hospitals.  Although the Consortium makes every effort to keep stipends uniform across all postdoctoral fellowships, individual hospital administrations set stipend levels. Postdoctoral Fellowships which are primarily or exclusively research, versus those which are primarily or exclusively clinical, follow the same guidelines with regard to stipends.

Postdoctoral fellows who are employed by Brown or an affiliated hospital, minimum stipends for 19-20 training year (following NIH stipend levels) are $50,004 for first year  fellows and $50,376 for second year fellows.  

Postdoctoral Fellows employed by the Providence VA Medical Center, stipends for the 19-20 training year (decided by the VA) are $50,941 for first year fellows and $53,695 for second year fellows.  

Learn more about T32/F32 grant-funded fellowship Support & Eligibility.

Travel: Each hospital has the option of providing additional professional expense money, but such monies are the exception, not the rule.  Please inquire directly with your supervisor as to whether or not this is available.  

Health Insurance: Benefits are included in all fellowship positions.

Vacation Days: Vacation is provided and varies by site.

Sick Days: Sick time is provided and varies by site.

Professional Days: Time to attend conferences, job interviews, etc., is provided and varies by site. Professional time should be negotiated individually.

Family Leave:   Individual hospital or university administration set leave policy and it varies by site. 

In addition, the Clinical Psychology Training Programs at Brown's  Extended Leave Policy and Form if a longer medical leave of absence is required due to:

• the birth of a child, or placement of a child for adoption of foster care or guardianship
• to care for a spouse, child, or parent who has a serious health condition
• for the trainee’s own serious health condition 
• Any other leave consistent with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

For further information contact the employer's HR representative. If you are unsure who to speak with please contact the Training Program Manager, Kelly Griffin, at 401-444-1929 or [email protected]