Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program Application

Application review for the Postdoctoral Fellowships will begin on January 6, 2017 and will continue until all positions have been filled. Because some fellowships are tied directly to ongoing research projects, the number and types of positions may vary from year to year, reflecting changes in funding level and activity of the researchers. 

Please check the website regularly.  New fellowship positions will be added as they become availableIf you have already submitted your APPA CAS application but find there is a recently posted fellowship that you wish to be considered for, contact the Training Office and request to be considered for that particular fellowship. 

Postdoctoral appointments are granted for periods of one year, usually starting in July - September.  In some cases, a second year of fellowship may be available when there are opportunities to continue clinical and research training in more depth. If the position is considered an "APA-accredited" position, the second year is not an “APA-accredited” fellowship year, but is designated as a Brown postdoctoral fellowship year.

Agreement to continue for a second year of training (if available) is decided upon by the postdoctoal fellow and the primary supervisor midway through the first year.  All NIH-Funded postdoctoral fellows are subject to the terms and conditions of the NRSA Payback Agreement. 

Application Details 

Applicants must submit their applications online through APPA CAS.

APPA CAS is a portal for applications to psychology postdoctoral fellowship programs.  [NOTE: We also WELCOME applications from PhDs and MDs WHO ARE NOT CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGISTS for our research fellowship positions (i.e. T32s and Investigator-funded positions).  Please apply through this site as well and contact us directly if you have any questions/concerns.]  


1. One-page statement of interests and training and career goals (if you choose to upload a cover letter, this should not be redundant)
2. Current curriculum vitae
3. Three Letters of Recommendation addressed to "To Whom it May Concern" 

The APPA CAS portal allows the application the option to upload "Recent Accomplishments" and "Undergraduate Transcripts."  These are not required by the Postdoctoral Training Program, but you should include relevant accomplishments and information regarding your undergraduate degree in your CV.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Kelly Griffin, Manager
Alpert Medical School of Brown University 
Box G-BH
Providence, RI 02912

Phone: 401-444-1929

The Alpert Medical School of Brown University is an Affirmative Action employer and actively encourages applications from women, minorities, and protected persons.