Postdoctoral fellows and their primary supervisor(s) draw up a competency-based evaluation format at the beginning of each fellowship year.  These individualized training activities are reviewed and approved by the faculty supervisors,  Track Coordinator, Associate Director, and the Director. 

In the APA-accredited fellowship program (which is a single year), evaluations occur every four months (4 months, 8 months, and end of fellowship).  In all other fellowships, evaluations occur every six months.   Supervisors are evaluated along the same timeline (every four months for APA-accredited fellows, every six months for all other fellows).  Postdoctoral fellows should be engaged in an open, ongoing dialogue with their supervisor(s) regarding their progress.  Postdoctoral fellows also have the right to appeal any evaluation they have received.  Supervisors and postdoctoral fellows take mutual responsibility for ensuring that these evaluations are completed in a timely fashion.  

A graduation certificate will only be distributed upon completion of all evaluations.  

Individualized training activities are achieved through an apprenticeship model where the postdoctoral fellow works closely with a faculty member in the provision of clinical services and/or in conducting research.  The faculty member serves as primary supervisor and role model, and the close supervisory relationship permits the postdoctoral fellow to develop clinical and/or research skills as well as role identity.