Postdoctoral fellows in the Consortium participate in a variety of required didactics designed to develop knowledge-based competencies in professional issues, ethics, clinical practice, and research.  Some required didactics series involve joint participation of trainees in both the Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program and Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program (PFTP).  Other required didactics are specific to the certain training tracks or programs.  The didactic series are described below.  

Postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to become familiar with other ongoing seminars and courses at Brown University and within the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (DPHB).  There are also numerous other educational opportunities at various teaching hospitals and on campus!

Each of the Postdoc seminars has a Google Calendar accessible to anyone with a Brown email address.   Within the calendar, postdoctoral fellows will have access to:

  • Seminar Series Schedule
  • Handouts (if applicable)
  • Attendance & Evaluation Form (must be completed at completion of each seminar)

You should check with your supervisor to see if your track has any requirements outside of what is listed below.


DPHB Grand Rounds
Coordinator: The Chairman's Office 

Grand Rounds is offered monthly to all fellows, residents, and faculty and features nationally known faculty presenting their research. Grand Rounds is MANDATORY for all trainees.

The DPHB Grand Rounds take place: 

1st Wednesday of each month (Sept-June), 11-12:30pm 
Butler Hospital
Ray Conference Center

The Grand Rounds schedule will be emailed each month. Also noted on the announcement are the Child & Adolescent Grand Rounds, which take place at Bradley Hospital. The Child Adolescent Grand Rounds is not mandatory but if you are in the Child track you may be required to attend. You should speak with your supervisor.  

Postdoctoral Fellowship Seminars 

Postdoc Core Seminar
Coordinator:  Carla Correia, PsyD

This monthly seminar series is offered to all fellows. Recognizing that most of the Fellows will likely spend some reasonable percentage of their career in clinical practice, many of the topics in this seminar series focus on practice issues such as: the licensure process, career development, supervising and mentoring, and developing an office-based practice. These seminars are MANDATORY for all first-year fellows with a clinical psychology degree and optional for others. 

The Postdoc Core Seminars take place:

2nd Tuesday of each month (Sept-June), 5:30-7:00pm 
Butler Hospital
Duncan Building, Room 159 

Postdoc Core Seminar Schedule 

Clinical Ethics Seminar
Coordinator: Heather Hunter, PhD 

This monthly seminar on Clinical Ethics is offered to all fellows. These seminars are MANDATORY for all first-year clinical fellows intending to be licensed.

The Clinical Ethics Seminars take place:

1st Wednesday of each month (Oct-May), 10-11am 
Butler Hospital
Duncan Building, Room 159

Clinical Ethics Seminar Schedule

VA Didactic Series
Coordinator: Janell Schartel, Ph.D. & Karen Oliver, PhD

A weekly seminar is offered to all VA-paid CPP fellows. These seminars are MANDATORY for all first-year VA-paid CPP fellows. 

The VAMC Didactic Series take place:

Mondays (Sept-December), 9:00-10:30am 
VA Medical Center
5th Floor Classroom #1 

VAMC Didactic Series Schedule

DPHB T32 Core Seminars
Coordinator: Ronald Seifer, PhD

Attendance at this weekly research seminar series is required for all RFP fellows from the various hospitals. The Brown T32 programs combine efforts to produce a comprehensive research seminar series each academic year. The seminar series is coordinated by representatives from each of the T32 programs. Three core areas (research methods, grant related information and writing, and research ethics) are currently offered. CPP fellows negotiate attendance at all or part of this series with their primary supervisor. These seminars are MANDATORY for all first-year RFP fellows.  The  Research Ethics portion of the seminars are MANDATORY for all first- and second-year RFP fellows.  A Special Topics in Statistics seminar is also offered which is optional to attend. 

The T32 Core Seminars take place:

Friday Mornings, 9-10am
Butler Hospital
Duncan Building, Room 159

DPHB T32 Core Seminar Schedule

Track Specific Seminars

Adult & Behavioral Medicine Track Grant Writing Seminars
Coordinator:  Tracie Shea, PhD

The Adult & Behavioral Medicine Track Grant Writing seminars are optional for all fellows interested in writing a grant. MANDATORY for all first-year for Behavioral Medicine T32 fellows and F32 fellows,unless they elect to attend the Child Track Grant Writing Seminar.

The Adult  & Behavioral Medicine Track Grant Writing Seminars take place:

Wednesday (weekly), 9:00-10:00am - Beginning September 18   
Butler Hospital
Annex W230

Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine T32 Research Seminars
Coordinator: Carly Goldstein, PhD 

The goal of this course is to provide grounding in cardiovascular disease with a focus on the role of behavior and behavioral intervention in reducing CVD burden.  MANDATORY for all first and second year Beh Med T32 fellows,strongly encouraged Beh Med RFP fellows, optional for all others.

The Cardio Beh Med T32 Research Seminars take place:

Tuesday afternoons (September - December), 1-2:30pm
Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center
196 Richmond Street, 3rd Floor Conf. Room 309

Cardio Beh Med T32 Seminar Schedule

Child Track Peer Supervision
CoordinatorChristina Bellanti, PhD and Janet Anderson, PhD

The Child Track Peer Supervision Meeting is MANDATORY for Child CPP fellows.

The Child Peer Supervision take place:

4th Wednesday of each month (except November and December), 8-9:30am
Bradley Hospital
Ruggles Room 113

Child Grant Writing Seminars 
Coordinator: Elissa Jelalian, PhD and Ronald Seifer, PhD 

The Child Track Grant Writing seminars are every Friday morning. MANDATORY for all first- and second-year Child T32 and F32 fellows, optional for all others.

The Child Grant Writing Seminars take place:

Friday Mornings (Sept-May), 10-11am
Butler Hospital
Duncan Building, Room 159

Clinical Neuropsychology Specialty Program Didactic Series
Coordinator: Anjali Palav, PhD 

This seminar series focuses on topics of relevance to the practice of clinical neuropsychology as well as issues of professional development and preparation for board certification.  This is a two-year series of seminars.  Attendance is MANDATORY for first-year and second-year CNSP fellows. 

The CNSP Didactic Series take place:

Thursdays, 4-5:30pm
Neurology Conference Room
Fifth Floor, Ambulatory Patient Care (APC) Building
Rhode Island Hospital

CNSP Didactic Series Schedule