The Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program (PFTP)
Policy Statement on Clinical Hours toward Licensure 

Clinical Psychology Program (CPP) and Clinical Neuropsychology Specialty Program (CNSP) fellowship positions are designed to meet criteria for licensure.  The following information is provided for postdoctoral fellows in Research Fellowship (RFP) positions.

The Clinical Hours Log is to be used to track your clinical hours toward licensure.  This record should be retained by the fellow for use when seeking verification of training for licensure.

If postdoctoral fellows are interested in applying for licensure during their fellowship, they should plan the clinical training portion of their fellowship to insure that it meets the minimal requirements set by the training committee.  The Brown guidelines stipulate that to earn sufficient clinical experience for licensure, postdoctoral fellows should take part in a minimum of 500 hours of professional psychological services, typically 25% time over a one year period or 12.5% time over a two-year period based on a standard 40 hour week.  Only supervision provided by a licensed psychologist (or psychiatrist in some states) are covered.  Clinical activities for licensure must be noted on the Individualized Training Activities form, formally evaluated by the clinical supervisor, and the experience must occur at an affiliated institution. Moonlighting hours may not be used as supervised training activities and do not count toward the 500 hours. 

According to APPIC, professional psychological services are defined as services to patients/clients, students, consultees and/or agencies.  These services may include psychotherapy, intervention, assessment, and/or consultation either as part of clinical care or a clinical research protocol.  Clinical policy-making, program design and implementation, clinical report writing, and serving as a clinical supervisor (of clinical or research staff conducting clinical interviews or intervention with patient populations) are also covered.   Clinical research, i.e. research activities that are primarily clinical in nature and involve direct patient care are also covered.   Some clinical activities that directly affect patient care, such as developing a treatment manual, may also count as hours.  

Activities that would not count toward clinical hours include research protocols with non-patient populations, assessment of non-clinical populations, supervision of research data collection (even with patient populations), supervising research staff on research tasks (such as data entry or data analysis on clinical data sets) and clinical activities with patient populations that are not supervised by a licensed clinician.

When seeking supervisor verification of training for licensure, postdoctoral fellows in primarily research positions must submit the completed Clinical Hours Log form and the Licensure Board’s Supervisor Verification Form to the Director of Training.  Individual supervisors should not be asked to sign licensure forms. Postdoctoral Fellows in APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowships or fellows in primarily clinical fellowships do not need to submit the Clinical Hours Log form to the Director of Training.

For more information regarding Licensure in the State of Rhode Island go to the RI Department of Health Website to obtain application materials or call: 401-272-2827.