The Division of Surgical Research is centered in laboratories located on the Rhode Island Hospital campus, in all three floors of the Nursing Arts Building and  2nd floors of the Middle House and Aldrich Buildings. 

The Division occupies 16,783 square feet of contiguous space including 11,807 square feet of laboratory space. The remaining space contains offices for the investigators and trainees, conference room/library, and sterilization facility. The Division functions under an open laboratory concept with equipment freely shared among investigators. Most laboratories not on the Rhode Island Hospital campus are located on the Brown Campus and reached by shuttle bus.

Versaci resident Sean Monaghan, MD (2009-11)Versaci resident Sean Monaghan, MD (2009-11)Resources available to Brown University trainees

All Brown University trainees in the program also have full access to the core facilities at Brown University as well as those at Rhode Island Hospital. Both institutions are NIH-supported Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE). Brown University is a designated COBRE Center for Genetics and Genomics,  which includes facilities for the use and analysis of Affymetrix Gene Chip Arrays and the construction of transgenic mice.

The COBRE Center for Cancer Research Development at Rhode Island Hospital feature Proteomics and Molecular Pathology cores with technician-supported facilities for mass spectroscopy, protein chip analysis, HPLC and gel electrophoresis-based proteomics technologies, as well as a Stratagene Mx4000 Multiplex Quantitative PCR System for conducting "real-time" PCR, an Arcturus Engineering laser capture microdissection system with microscope and fluorescence capabilities, tissue-array capabilities and a frozen tissue/paraffin-embedded bank of human, mouse and rat tissues.

Rhode Island Hospital maintains a Core Research Facility  that includes flow cytometry, scanning and transmission electron microscopy with specimen embedding and sectioning, full histological services including paraffin embedding, sectioning and staining, and inverted and upright confocal microscopes with state-of-the-art image analysis.

Library access is provided by the Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University Science Libraries and by the Brown University on-line electronic library resources.