Dr. Jorge E. Albina is a Professor of Surgery and Director of Surgical Research at Rhode Island Hospital/Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and Director of Nutritional Support Services, Department of Surgery, Rhode Island Hospital.Hosting the 2013 Annual 'Advances in Inflammation Research' SymposiumHosting the 2013 Annual 'Advances in Inflammation Research' Symposium

As Alpert Medical School faculty, Dr. Albina instructs the Surgical Nutrition Rotation, Surgical Residency Program, Nutrition Surgical Core Clerkship Course, Basic Science in Surgery, and the Integrated Program in Surgery.

A faculty member of the Graduate Program in Pathobiology, Dr. Albina is actively engaged in teaching undergraduates, graduates and Alpert Medical School students and serves as Doctoral Thesis Advisor and Doctoral Thesis Committee Member.

Dr. Albina is also a Faculty Sponsor for Brown University's Summer Research Early Identification Program, which is funded by the NIH Short Term Training for Minority Students grant and The Leadership Alliance. He is also the Principal Investigator on a T32 Trauma & Inflammation Research Training grant.

As Director of Surgical Research, Dr. Albina is NIH funded and has authored over 70 peer-reviewed manuscripts. His research area of expertise is wound healing and inflammation, with emphasis on clinical applications that will allow active therapeutic intervention.

Dr. Albina is a frequently requested reviewer for many peer-reviewed journals and a member of the NIH SAT Study Section. He is a renowned speaker, with over 200 invited presentations worldwide.

Drs. Dipan Patel, Samille Brancato, Brian Leblanc and Jorge AlbinaDrs. Dipan Patel, Samille Brancato, Brian Leblanc and Jorge Albina