Department of Surgery's Research Database

The Department of Surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and the Brown Alpert Medical School hold steadfast to the belief that the most significant medical advances of our time will occur in translational research, where basic science discoveries generated in laboratories lead to innovations in patient care in hospitals.Training Grant Resident  Dr. Samille Brancato (2008-10)Training Grant Resident Dr. Samille Brancato (2008-10)
Support of basic and clinical research is imperative to the advancement of the surgical sciences and clinical medicine. Brown University and its Lifespan-affiliated teaching hospitals are ideal incubators for research that span the distance between the laboratory and the patient.  It is, therefore, the objective of the Department of Surgery to enhance integration of basic sciences with medical education, healthcare delivery and public health policy.
This Research Database is a central catalog of all departmental research activities (clinical, translational and basic) within the Department of Surgery's 15 separate divisions (including the Division of Surgical Research), each with its own specific research focus to improve understanding of diseases and evaluate new methods of treatment for injuries and illness.  

The goal of this site is to maintain a current, centralized database that can be used to support recruitment, development, publicity and other research activities in the Department of Surgery.  Select any Division to view their current research activities.

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