Division of Anesthesiology

The Division of Anesthesiology is a professional and dedicated team of anesthesia providers working to improve the surgical experiences of our patients. Their services include preoperative assessment and consultation, subspecialty services in cardiac and pediatric anesthesia, as well as areas of expertise in thoracic, vascular, ambulatory and neurosurgical anesthesia in addition to pain management and critical care. Many of our staff conduct clinical trials and basic science research in varied areas.

Arthur Bert, MD;
Division Chief
Richard Gillerman, MD     Francis Regas, MD
Scott Benzuly, MD            Carin Got, MD
Fred Rotenberg, MD
Alexander Berezin, MD  Kathleen Hitner, MD
Carl Schwartz, MD
George Buczko, MD        Donna Kucharski, MD
Edward Suh, MD
Deborah Cahill, MD           Ken Lamantia, MD Matthew Thran, MD
Joseph Caiati, MD     Andrew Maslow, MD 
Greg Towne, MD
Herb Chen, MD        AnnMarie Munoz, MD Amdrew Troebwasser, MD
Hugh Cowdin, MD       Heather Panaro, MD Jonathan Uri, MD
Kristopher Davignon, MD     Stephen Panaro, MD Lee Wesner, MD
Current Research

Researcher:  Arthur Bert, MD
As a participant of a funded research team, Dr. Bert is currently researching the development of a stem cell-based living bio-engineered heart valve.  Along with his colleague, Arun Singh, MD, they initiated original clinical research in the physiology of hypothermia of the heart and body in cardiac surgery.  Their published results in the mid-1990s supported a movement away from deep hypothermia of cardiopulmonary bypass, so that now most hospitals worldwide use mild hypothermia on the body.

Researcher: Donna Kucharski, MD

As a part of the ongoing efforts surrounding quality improvement, a group of surgeons and anesthesiologists launched an effort to implement best practices to address the problem of colorectal SSI’s.   In the current regulatory climate the reversal of this trend was imperative. The surgeon champions reviewed the literature surrounding reported methodologies  and designed a surgical SSI bundle audit tool for implementation. The scope of the problem was introduced in a surgical grand rounds presentation. The details were arranged in multiple meetings among the surgeons, including which elements would be included as well as the design of the audit tool and the implementation of the bundle was advanced.  Implementation of the bundle is currently underway with full participation of the surgeons, anesthesiologists, crna's and nursing staff.
A preliminary evaluation of bundle compliance was done at three months after implementation via administrative evaluation.


Arthur Bert, MD
Joseph Caiati, MD
T. Herbert Chen, MD
Richard Gillerman, MD
Andrew Maslow, MD
Carl Schwartz, MD