Division of ENT/Head & Neck Surgery

The Division of ENT/Head & Neck Surgery (Otolaryngology) is committed to expand their knowledge through research and education so they may deliver the best possible care to their patients. Experts in the Division of Otolaryngology have dedicated themselves to advancing their field through thoughtful and groundbreaking research.  

Brian E. Duff, MD
Division Chief
Jan C. Groblewski, MD Robert Risica, MD
Anthony Barone, MD
Barbara Guillette, MD
Charles M. Ruhl, MD
Andrew Burchard, MD
Robert G. McRae, MD John Tarro, MD
Douglas Colson, MD Peter T. Nigri, MD
Sharon E. Gibson, MD Martin Papizian, MD
Current Research


Brian Duff, MD
Sharon Gibson, MD
Jan Groblewski, MD
Robert McRae, MD
Peter Nigri, MD
Charles Ruhl, MD