Division of Surgical Oncology

The mission of the Surgical Oncology Division is to provide expertise in all aspects of cancer surgery to patients receiving care at all Lifespan-affiliated hospitals. In addition, the Division is committed to providing education to health care professionals within the community and the state regarding the latest advances in cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment through educational programs.

The faculty of the Division of Surgical Oncology are members of University Surgical Associates, and are active in the clinical, research, and educational activities at Rhode Island Hospital and the Alpert Medical School of Brown University.  The faculty is involved in the development and expansion of multidisciplinary programs for the treatment of patients with breast cancer, melanoma, endocrine tumors, pancreatic cancer, primary and metastatic liver tumors, and gastrointestinal tract tumors.


Thomas Miner, MD
Division Chief 
Ijeoma Azodo, MD Theresa Graves, MD
Jack Monchik, MD Michael Vezeridis, MD Doreen Wiggins, MD
Current Research
Active Grants

PI: T. Miner
"ACOSOG Studies: Z4033 and Z4051" 
5/2001 - Present

Active IRB Protocols
PI: Miner

Retrospective Review of Gastric Cancer

Retrospective Review of Surgical Palliation of Cancer

Retrospective Review of Wide Local Excision for Melanoma and Melanocytic Lesions

Postoperative Level of Care and Failure to Rescue in High Risk Surgical Patients

Retrospective Review of Mortality in Surgical Patients

PI: Monchik Accuracy of Preoperative Ultrasound for Central Compartment Lymph Node Metastases in Papillary Thyroid Cancer

The Reliability of Correlated Ultrasound, Sestamibi Scan, and Adequate Intraoperative PTH Decrease in Minimally Invasive Parathryoidectomy
PI: Wiggins Pilot Program of Exercise and Cancer Survivors

Publications & Abstracts

Theresa Graves, MD
Thomas Miner, MD
Jack Monchik, MD
Michael Vezeridis, MD
Doreen Wiggins, MD