Division of Urology

The Division of Urology is home to research programs investigating mechanisms of disease, translating discoveries in the laboratory to clinical trials, and making experimental treatments available to patients with complex and challenging conditions. 

Basic research within the department is augmented by research collaborations with investigators and faculty from a wide range of scientific disciplines from Brown Alpert Medical School and Rhode Island Hospital. 

Mark Sigman, MD
Division Chief 
Harry Iannotti, MD Joseph Renzulli, II, MD
Anthony Caldamone, MD Rashmi Licht, MD Stephen Rous, MD
Steven Cohen, MD E. Bradley Miller, MD Stephen Schiff, MD
Pamela Ellsworth, MD
Kennon Miller, MD Simone Thavaseelan, MD
Dragan Golijanin, MD Bernard Moule, MD
Arthur Wong, MD
Vincent Harisaran, MD Gyan Pareek, MD
Kathleen Hwang, MD Alan Podis, MD
Current Research
Active Grants
PI: K. Hwang
Lifespan Development Grant
"Defining the Role of Ghrelin in Wound Healing and the Inflammatory Response in the Post-Operative Setting"
Period: 9/2012 - 8/2014        Total Costs: $35,000
PI: K. Hwang
RI Foundation
"Erectile Dysfunction in HIV Positive Men"
Period: 4/2012 - 8/2014      Total Costs: $15,000
PI: K. Hwang
Brown University
"The Effects of Chemotherapy Treatment on Transcriptomic and Epegenomic Profiles in Sperm"
Period: 12/2013 - 12/2014    Total Costs: $48,368
PI: M. Sigman
U01-ES020913-03   Brown University/NIEHS
"Identification of Molecular Biomarkers in Rat Sperm and Testis Exposed to Bisphenol A"   
Period: 9/2011 - 5/2015    Total Costs: $45,617
Active IRP Protocols
PI: Caldamone Update on pediatric renal trauma: Our experience at a level one trauma center

The incidence of spontaneous descent of retractible testes
PI: Hwang Effect of Fertility Preservation Counseling on Sperm Banking Rates Amongst Cancer Patients

The Effects of Chemotherapy Treatment On Transcriptomic and Epigenomic Profiles In Sperm

Pregnancy Outcomes following IUI from the treatment of antibody-coated sperm with chymotrypsin

Incidence of polycythemia after implantation of testosterone pellets

Impact of varicocele in fertile men on testicular volume differential

Phosphodiesterase Type 5 inhibitor use and HCV transmission in HIV+ men

Current beliefs, perceptions and practices of treating HIV-infected men for erectile dysfunction
PI: Miller Outcome of Fournier's Gangrene

Lower Urinary Tract Trauma in a Level I Trauma Center
PI: Pareek The Effect and Efficay of EnsealĀ® Bipolar Advanced Energy Technology Versus Weck Hem-o-lokĀ® Polymer Clips On Periprostatic Tissue Following Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy , A Clinical And Histopathological Study

Validation of nephrolith volume calculation

Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy: The Miriam Experience with 1000 Cases

Outcomes of partial nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma in The Miriam and Rhode Island Hospitals, a retrospective study

Outcomes of silhouette ureteral stents for malignant ureteral obstruction

Comparison of Estimated and Measured Stone Size During Ureterorenoscopy: How Closely Do They Correlate?

Role of Metabolic Evaluation in Nephrolithiasis

Complications of Robotic Prostatectomy

Partial Nephrectomy vs. radiofrequency ablation, outcomes comparison
PI: Sigman Impact of Obesity on Sperm Transciptonomic & Epigenomic Profiles in Relation to Sperm Health

DNA Methylation in Sperm and Male Infertility


Pamela Ellsworth, MD
Anthony Caldamone, MD
Dragan Golijanin, MD
Kathleen Hwang, MD
Gyan Pareek MD
Alan Podis, MD
Stephen Schiff, MD
Mark Sigman, MD
Simone Thavaseelan, MD