Grant Funding in 2014

May 14, 2014

In January 2014, Dr. Alfred Ayala was awarded an additional 4 years of funding from the NIGMS for his R01 grant entitled, "Differential Effects of Sepsis on Immune Cell Function".   Dr. Ayala begins his 19th year on this long-time project that focuses on determining the impact of a novel family of cell-associated co-inhibitor molecules/ ligands, on the development of immune/ organ dysfunction/injury and death resulting from sepsis.  (Total costs $1,367,400)

In March 2014, Dr. Craig Lefort was awarded a one-year Medical Research Grant from the Rhode Island Foundation for his research project entitled, "Neutrophil Arrest by Cooperative 'Inside-Out' Activation of LFA-1".  The goal of this project is to further the understanding of neutrophil recruitment into tissue sites of inflammation, which thus may identity potential therapeutic targets for controlling inflammatory disease. (Total costs: $15,000)