Welcoming new lab members and saying goodbye to others

June 26, 2014

As of July 1st, two new surgical residents joined the lab, Drs. Tristen Chun and Brittany Potz.  Dr. Chun will be working in Dr. Alfred Ayala's lab and Dr. Potz will be working in Dr. Frank Sellke's lab, located somewhere over in the Coro Building.  Both residents will be supported by the Armand D. Versaci Research Scholarship and the Department of Surgery for the next two years. 

On a sad note, the Division bids a warm farewell to those who've recently left the lab;  Drs. Andrew Blakely, John Young and Noelle Hutchins.  Drs. Blakely and Young will be returning back to the Department of Surgery's general surgery program, and Dr. Hutchins has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in Dallas, Texas. 

The Division also says goodbye to Xin Huang, MD, PhD, a member of Dr. Ayala's lab for the past 10 years.  She's taken a Senior Research Associate position at ImmuNext, Inc., in Lebanon, NH.