Division Kudos - January - March 2015

April 1, 2015

Craig Lefort received a 5-month grant from the CardioPulmonary Vascular Biology COBRE for his project entitled, "Integrin Activation Regulates Neutrophil Trafficking Within the Murine Lung".  The project period is January 1 - May 31, 2015.  Total costs $30,000.

Dr.  Heffernan received a 1% score for his K08 resubmission, "Sepsis Induced Changes in iNKT-Cells and their Effect on Phagocyte Function" which will start  July 1, 2015.  The application's mentors are a collaboration from RI Hospital (A. Ayala) and Brown University (L. Brossay). 

In Press:
From Daithi Heffernan's lab:  
-  "Advancing technologies for the diagnosis and management of infections" Fox ED, Heffernan DS, Surgical Clinics of North America (SCNA) Dec 2014; Vol 94, Number 6; pages 1163-1174
-  "The geriatric cytokine response to trauma: time to consider a new threshold"Ottinger ME, Monaghan SF, Gravenstein S, Cioffi WG, Ayala A, Heffernan DS. Surgical Infections Jan 2015

From Alfred Ayala's lab:
-  Divergent invariant natural killer T-cell response to sepsis of abdominal vs. non-abdominal origin in human beings. Young, J.S., Monaghan, S.F., Chung, C.S., Cioffi, W.G., Ayala, A., Heffernan, D.S.  2015.    Surg. Infect. (in press).

Invited Presentations: 
Alfred Ayala 
-  Merck Research Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA: Consultant for “Sepsis-Scientific, Input & Engagement meeting”.  February 10-11, 2015. 
-  National Institutes of Health/ National Center for Scientific Review (NIH/NCRS) -Lung Cellular, Molecular and Immunobiology (LCMI):  R01/R21-study section review panel held in Baltimore, ND, February 2-3, 2015 (*Standing member of review panel through 2019) 

Experimental Biology presentations from Jonathan Reichner's lab (March 28-April 1, 2015):
-   "Integrin Crosstalk Regulation of Human Neutrophils Adhered to Fibronectin and β-Glucan" C.M. Johnson, A. Byrd, X. O’Brien, V. Parisi and J. Reichner. Brown Univ. and Rhode Island Hosp. (925.2) 
-   "Mechanoregulation of Human Neutrophil Host Defense and Survival" X.M. O’Brien, N.M. Elisseou, E.J. Flores, D.C. Patel, C.R. Morrissette, A.J. Loosley and J.S. Reichner. Rhode Island Hosp., Brown Univ.
-   Experimental Biology Workshop on Graduate Education in Pathology: Developing and Training the Physician Scientist.  Chaired by Jonathan Reichner, Dept. Surgery, Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University and Michael LaFlamme, Dept. Pathology, Washington University.